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I was born about fifty odd years ago with some deformity in my back and have since had several accide... [ read more ]

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Distributors & Manufacturing Partners

A list of our trusted distributors and manufacturing partners with island orthotics

Our trusted distributors and manufacturers help us build the orthotics that enhance your quality of life. If you would like to become one of our distributors, you can touch base with us via email or phone.


Breg provides premium, high-value sports medicine products and services.

Townsend Design

Leading manufacturer and distributor of orthopedic braces.


Generation II is a medical service provider as well as a medical product company.


Innovative solutions to improve medical outcomes through aircasts.

Horton Stance Control

Designed for patients with weak or absent quadriceps & knee instability.

Becker Orthopedic

Distributor of O&P products to serve the Orthotists and Prosthetists of Canada

Otto Bock

Distributing orthotic and prosthetic products directly to certified professionals.

DJO / Don Joy Ortho

Specializing in orthotics for the non-operative orthopedic and spine markets.

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