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Getting Started

Learn what brace orthtoics are and what is needed for you to get started

The field of orthotics involves the design, fabrication and fitting of orthoses (braces or splints) intended to prevent or correct deformities, protect a painful part of the body or improve the function of a weakened extremity. This may include anything from custom fabricated arch supports to braces for the knee, back, shoulder or arm.

How Do I Get Started?

Patients may be referred to the clinical prosthetist or orthotist through a multi-disciplinary clinic or directly by his or her physician. Once a prescription has been developed, the patient is seen by the prosthetist or orthotist who then designs the device that has been prescribed. The clinician takes measurements and/or molds necessary to fabricate the device and supervises its fabrication by the technical staff. The prosthetist or orthotist then fits the device, and makes any adjustments necessary to ensure optimal functional use by the patient.

Things to Note

Steps we take to ensure that you'll recieve the best treatment possible:

Get an Assessment

Let our experienced staff assess and evaluate what your orthotic needs might be and consult you.

Funding Options

Orthotic appliances are classified as a "medical expense" by Revenue Canada. See how we can help.

Modifications Offered to Foot Orthoses & Footwear

We stock a number of prefabricated foot orthoses which are often used for the pediatric feet which are constantly growing. To minimize costs, this option is used for children with mild foot concerns while still providing improved foot function.
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