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Getting an Assessment

Learn what the profession of Orthotics is and what you require to get started.

An assessment with a Certified Orthotist provides you an opportunity to ask all your questions regarding your orthopedic/ bracing needs. It also allows the Certified Orthotist time to perform an assessment of your range of motion, your joint function and stability, review your applicable medical history and determine an appropriate orthotic treatment plan.

We generally book on a 30 minute basis depending on the required treatment and as a rule of thumb 1 of our 3 Certified Orthotists can usually see you within a week's time. We would request that you bring along a pair of shorts, your most commonly worn shoes and your prescription provided by your physician or other referral source.

Although our services are not covered under standard MSP coverage, third party insurance, workSafe BC (WCB), DND, DVA, ICBC, Blue Cross and other extended benefit providers standardly provide a reimbursement of fees. There is a $45 assessment fee that may apply but this fee is absorbed within the fees of any of the orthoses that your Certified Orthotist may prescribe for you.

Call the office directly for an appointment and be sure to have your prescription with you at the time of your call.

Cold (Cryo) Therapy

Cold therapy is a commonly recommended treatment following joint replacement surgery as it ensures a regular flow of cold water around the involved joint. The most common usage is for partial or total knee joint arthroplasty (replacement). We stock 2 Cryo Therapy systems, the Cold Rush and the Ice Pack Wrap.

Get an Assessment

Let our experienced staff assess and evaluate what your orthotic needs might be and consult you.
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