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On Site Manufacturing

The manufacturing capability of our orthotists and prosthetists

Another key factor in aiding the prosthetist or orthotist in his or her ability to provide excellent patient care is their on-site manufacturing capabilities. This allows them to not only fit ready-made or centrally-fabricated devices, but to custom-modify those devices, or custom-fabricate a wide range of orthoses or prostheses at their facility to fit the specific needs of a particular client. And, if at a later date, modifications or adjustments need to be made, they can usually be done on-site providing the client with greater convenience and better service for their prosthetic or orthotic needs.

Together, the training, education, experience and manufacturing capability of orthotists and prosthetists equips them in their efforts to provide optimum fulfillment of their client's orthotic and prosthetic needs.

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Experiencing other joint pain? use our treatment guide to explore other bracing options that we offer.

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