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Patient Care

What to expect from our services and patient care

When an individual is in need of an artificial limb or an orthopedic brace, patient care is our area of expertise. Certified orthotists have completed an extensive training and certification process that includes, among other aspects, an emphasis on assessment, device design and fitting procedures.

Also, once certified, a mandatory continuing education program ensures that certifees remain up-to-date with the latest developments in technology and other areas relating to patient care. Once a prescription has been provided to the client by the physician, the orthotist works with the individual to determine the optimal design of orthosis within the parameters indicated by the prescription.

The orthotist consults the client to determine his/her needs, goals, objectives, the extent of the disability, and any other factors which may affect the fit and function of the device.

Orthotists also frequently consult with physicians and/or therapists to recommend possible designs or different types of componentry for use in an orthosis based on their knowledge, experience and familiarity with a wide range of technology and device designs that are available.

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Modifications Offered to Foot Orthoses & Footwear

We stock a number of prefabricated foot orthoses which are often used for the pediatric feet which are constantly growing. To minimize costs, this option is used for children with mild foot concerns while still providing improved foot function.
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