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Hip Orthoses

Customized and prefabricated hip orthoses

Island Orthotics Inc. offers hip orthoses most commonly in a post operative situation. A hip abduction orthosis is often used following a total hip replacement that the surgeon may foresee as being difficult to stabilize or having had a previous stabilization issue. The goal of the orthosis in the situation is to maintain the pelvis and femur in an abducted (away from the body) position but allow flexion and extension within a specific range of motion.

Another type of orthoses that Island Orthotics Inc. provides is the functional abduction orthosis. The most common version of this device being the SWASH brace which is designed with a goal of minimizing the scissoring of the limbs during gait. This is most commonly used with the CP population who are having difficulty with swinging their hips / thighs through during gait without hitting up against the other limb. The SWASH brace also aids those with adduction based problems that are present during sitting times. The SWASH brace offers a combination of hip abduction in the medial lateral plane, providing mild hip flexion in sitting.

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Treatment Guide

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